Teaching Multiculturalism: Focus on People

Deborah A. Wallace

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This article details a project for teaching elementary school students to understand and accept multicultural differences. This task is made easier by using the most powerful resource available to teachers -- people. In preparing for an international visitor, elementary school students can develop their skills in several areas of the curriculum, including literature, writing, research, geography, and art. Students need a considerable amount of background information before an international visitor comes to class. It is important to give them some understanding of the country being studied -- such as its location, culture, and unique characteristics. Hosting an international visitor to the classroom will improve students' skills in researching, working cooperatively, speaking publicly, and organizing and analyzing information. The international visitors and students appreciate and enjoy the experience while learning a great deal from each other.


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Author Information

Deborah A. Wallace (e-mail: jimdeb@epix.net) is an elementary school teacher in the Pocono Mountain School District, Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania, USA, and is currently working toward a reading specialist certification.

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Posted July 1998
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